Hi all,

We have more good news – the so-called Lowell Goat is coming to live at Sunny Meadow Sanctuary!
We just heard from ARL – they are really happy about it and so are we.
This poor animal is so amazing – during his escape from a Tewskbury slaughterhouse on
December 27th, he actually jumped off a bridge to escape from EIGHT Lowell police officers plus slaughterhouse workers. At one point TEN police cars were after him.
Ever since we began helping to get him to safety, we thought he needed a better name than the Lowell Goat. Lowell was just where he got chased the hardest by people who were going to take him back to the slaughterhouse.
We thought he needed a much more epic and heroic name.
One terrible night in early January, when we learned he was being chased by a coyote pack and it was going to be 10 below zero, we began calling him “Braveheart” here. So we are making that his name. We hope you like it.
Right now, Braveheart is terribly thin, exhausted, and afraid, and he will need to be neutered, which is always tricky with a big goat. And it will be painful and frightening for him. So please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
We will need to reinforce our existing fences and stalls to keep this incredibly smart and strong animal safe. If you would like to help Sunny Meadow with the cost of this, his rehab and forever care, please consider a donation either above to the left via PayPal  or here:
Sunny Meadow Sanctuary
The Braveheart Fund
P.O. Box 114
Holden, MA 01520-1279
We will send you a receipt for your taxes.
For the animals,
Helen & Steve



The most recent photo of the "Lowell goat"

The most recent photo of the “Lowell goat”

You may have read that a poor goat escaped a “backyard slaughterhouse” in Tewksbury on Dec. 26th. At the slaughterhouse, goats’ throats are slit and then the poor animals are hung in trees to bleed out. We are sure the goat that escaped is very frightened. He had a long rope leash attached to him but at least part if not all of it has fallen off and been found.

After escaping the slaughterhouse and wandering around Lowell (which is why you will often see him called The Lowell Goat), he was seen several times in Chelmsford. He was running from a pack of coyotes in Chelmsford, though, and we think that prompted him to leave.


He was spotted last Sunday, January 26th on the shoulder of Rt. 495 between Exits 31 and 32, which is in Westford, possibly on the southbound side. Reports of sightings have come in as recently as TODAY.
The slaughterhouse owner has said he is willing to give up the goat (we hope he sticks to that) and the Animal Rescue League is planning on setting up a trap, or hopefully traps, for him.
But they require numerous sightings to establish a pattern for trap placement. This is where you can help.
If you live in any of those towns or are passing by and see the goat, please alert the Animal Rescue League at (657) 777-2752 and (617) 426-9170 and the local Animal Control Officer, who can be reached via the local police station. 
Get as many details as you can – where exactly he is, time, date, and take photos if you can. We will also greatly appreciate if you let us know after you make the calls – we are also mapping his movements.

Don’t follow or chase him – the idea is to keep him in an area so the ARL will set up traps.


Hi all,
It sounds like we are getting a pretty big snow storm this Saturday and the Work Day & Potluck may have to be cancelled. :(
The animals really need their barns cleaned before it gets too hard to get around. We have one volunteer already coming tomorrow. But it would be great to have more folks.
So if you can come and help out tomorrow, Thursday January 22 at 12:30ish, please let us know at:
For the animals,
Helen & Steve


Hi all,
We are having a Work Day & Vegan Potluck here at Sunny Meadow Sanctuary this Saturday, January 24th, from noon to 7:00-ish, and we hope you can make it!

If you can give other volunteers a ride to the Work Day, please let us know. And if you can’t make it then, but can help some other day, just let us know that as well.

Jobs include light carpentry, barn, pasture, and paddock cleanup/maintenance, animal care, fencing, etc.. There will be a great variety of jobs to do and many hands needed!

So if you would like to come help out, that would be great. Just email us anytime at: and we will be happy to give you directions to our place. (Our farm is in Central Mass, about 1 1/2 hours from Boston.)

This is a weather-related event so please either check your email or call us on our cell at 978-257-7062 on the morning of the event for possible rescheduling due to inclement weather.

It will also be a vegan potluck, so just let us what you will be bringing if you can stay for the potluck.

There will be hot tea and lots of room to warm up in the house for everyone.

Feel free to bring snacks to share as well. We will be eating at about 5:30 so we can get most of the animals fed and tucked into their barns before dark sets in.

Produce for the animals is also needed; we really need organic apples and organic carrots. We do not need butternut squash. We had another bumper crop harvest! (We grow organic butternut squash for the animals.)

No dogs please.

Sunny Meadow still need donations to make it through 2015! If you would like to make a donation via a check rather than Paypal (Paypal takes a part of your donation), here is our PO Box address:

Sunny Meadow Sanctuary
P.O. Box 114
Holden, MA 01520-1279

For the animals,

Helen & Steve

From Helen and Steve at the Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition:


We got Mass Wildlife to accept comments today based on the fact that they made the deadline New Year’s Eve.
So please take action right now by emailing right now. Please blind cc us on the email.
1. Tell Mass Wildlife not to lengthen the bear hunting season and expand hunting areas:
MassWildlife has proposed to extend November’s black bear hunting season by two weeks and to expand bear hunting to eastern Massachusetts (where it is currently prohibited).
MassWildlife claims an increased and expanded harvest will help reduce human-bear conflicts. Hunting will not address nuisance bear issues or remove nuisance bears from the population. MassWildlife’s own website says as much and conflicts with their rationale for an expanded season. “Hunting is probably a poor means to teach bears to avoid people or nuisance behavior” and “[i]n areas with high bear populations, localized hunting may create a sink effect, perpetuating the nuisance activity which stimulated the hunting process.” If the agency wants to reduce human-bear conflicts, education and prevention is key – MassWildlife shoud instead expand its efforts to educate residents about conflict prevention.
An expanded hunting season (and hunting range) will also do little to curb the black bear population or reduce conflicts. Data from the existing November hunt show that bear harvest is already low in the late fall and bears will begin denning in mid-November to early December. Finally, additional hunting opportunities are simply not needed. In the September black bear hunt, hunters took over 200 bears – a record – and more than was taken in the entire 2013 bear hunting season.
Please contact the state’s Fisheries & Wildlife Board by December 31st to let them know you oppose this needless expansion of bear hunting.
Address comments to:
Chairman, Fisheries and Wildlife Board
c/o Wayne MacCallum
Mass. Division of Fisheries & Wildlife
1 Rabbit Hill Road
Westborough, MA 01581
Send email comments  to, to the attention of the Fisheries & Wildlife Board

from mass animal rights coalition:

WHAT: MARC fur demonstration at Downtown Crossing, Boston. We need sign holders and leafleters. And a volunteer to wear the cute bunny costume.

WHEN: Sunday January 4th, noon to 1:30.
WHERE: Meet at Macy’s entrance right near the T station. (Several stores in Downtown Crossing are selling real fur, but Macy’s sells the most.)

RSVP/INFO: or just answer this email or just show up. (Demo is weather permitting only. Check for postponement email or call 978-257-7062 on morning of protest.) Signs, literature & hand/foot warmers provided.

WHY: Farmed fur animals are kept in tiny, filthy cages and often go insane. Fur bearing animals receive zero protections under the Humane Slaughter Act. They are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution, stomping, having their necks broken, or having poison injected directly into their hearts to not spoil their fur. Animals electrocuted through their genitals often convulse for two or more minutes before succumbing to massive heart attack. Trapped animals suffer awful, slow deaths in body gripping traps. They often chew off their legs or other body parts in a failed attempt to escape. If they are still alive when traps are checked, they are usually stomped or clubbed to death.  In China, even dogs and cats are used to make fur trim, so anyone buying fur could be wearing someone’s stolen beloved pet or other innocent animal. 


Moments before he was to be slaughtered

Moments before he was to be slaughtered

Reported in “Weekly World News,” in Hong Kong, a group of workers took a bull to the slaughterhouse. They were about to enter the facility when the bull suddenly stopped and knelt on its front paws. The bull was crying.

Shiu, one of the workers, claims he started to shiver seeing those “scared and sad eyes,” and, as much as they tried to pull the bull inside, it wouldn’t move and just stood there, sobbing like a child.

The workers were not able to slay it also tearing up at the sight, collecting funds to buy the animal and deliver it to the care of monks in a nearby temple.

Reportedly, when the bull recognized that he would be spared, he got up and followed them.


WHAT: A Pro-Vegan, Pro-Earth Reachout in Worcester outside Greendale Mall. Please join us to present the truth of farmed animal suffering, the environmental devastation caused by animal agriculture, and the easy, healthy vegan solution!WHEN: This Saturday November 8th, 1:00-2:30pm.

WHERE: Outside Greendale Mall, 7 Neponset St, Worcester, MA 01606.

RSVP/INFO: or just answer this email or just show up. (Event is weather permitting only. Check for postponement email or call 978-257-7062 on morning of event.) Literature, signs, and banner provided.
WHY: For the pigs, chickens, cows, dairy calves, lambs, sheep, goats and water living creatures. Worldwide, 51 billion farmed animals are killed each year. The suffering this represents is staggering. Hidden away, animals are abused and neglected in factory and family farms throughout the U.S. Female pigs, egg laying hens, and veal calves are kept in cages and crates so small that they cannot turn around. Common practices include tail docking, beak cutting, castration, branding, forced impregnation, and dehorning, all without anesthesia. Starvation for 7-14 days (forced molting) is routinely practiced on laying hens. Animals’ deaths are just as bad. They are dragged, terrified, to their deaths. They are often skinned while still alive. Chickens and other birds are killed without even the most lenient protections.  And ”food animals” are killed at such young ages, that if they were dogs or cats, they would still be called puppies or kittens, and farmers would be called animal abusers.