Acton, MA – Vegan tour operator Veg Jaunts and Journeys is pleased to offer guided tours for vegans, and those who would like to learn more about veganism, beginning August 2016. The brand new venture will arrange tours for groups of up to 12 travelers to vegan-friendly destinations and vegan festivals in North America and Europe. “Jaunts” will be short trips, anywhere from one to four nights, usually taking advantage of a vegan festival with some sightseeing, and “Journeys” will comprise longer trips of one or two weeks to noteworthy destinations. Trips will always begin at the first accommodation booked, so a traveler living anywhere can join a tour.

On Journeys, one highlight will be connecting with local vegans, either through cooking classes, dinners with local hosts or vegan social meetings. When possible, visits to animal sanctuaries will be arranged. The reasonably-priced tours will include accommodations, all attractions and activities, local transportation, and a few meals.

“Although I’ve traveled extensively alone, I prefer the congeniality of small groups. But I never had the wish to join a mainstream group tour that included the exploitation of animals for amusement, or non-vegan meals. So I decided to start my own tours for like-minded travelers,” said Kim Giovacco, the company’s founder. “It’s also more economical to travel in a small group, sharing such costs as transportation to places off the tourist trail.”

Upcoming tours include New York City, VeganMania in Chicago and Festival végane de Montréal, as well as Barcelona at the end of December. Tours for 2017 include New York, New Mexico, Austin, Berlin, Toronto, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Added Giovacco, “My list of places to visit and revisit never gets smaller. I have enough ideas for at least the next decade, and we’re so fortunate there are now so many great new vegan restaurants and even hotels to support!”

Veg Jaunts and Journeys is a specialty tour operator helping vegans explore the world compassionately, ethically, and environmentally-responsibly. For more information please visit

Group seeks funds, co-sponsorships and participants

From: Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Advice and council is being sought from leaders within the Penobscot tribal community to determine what issues they would like to have addressed and represented during the walk, as well as, gaining permission to have the opening ceremony and send off from Indian Island, Maine. The starting point for the 2016 Maine Walk for Peace will likely be in or near Old Town, if not from Indian Island.
Peace and justice will always be central to the Walk for Peace.
If you or any of the groups that you are associated with can connect with the theme of the Walk and would like to participate in this year’s Maine Walk for Peace, please contact Bruce Gagnon at email:

Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 443-9502  (blog)

The tentative date set for walking from the Penobscot Indian Island/Old Town to Kittery is from October 8th-22nd, 2016.

YOU MAY HEAR ABOUT THIS SOON: Being ‘veggan’ is the latest LONDON diet trend in plant-based eating

FROM METRO UK | edX … Written by Deni Kirkovaboiled egg

The term describes a person who is largely vegan but still has eggs.

It’s generally adopted by people who like eating vegan but can’t bar to give up eggs.

They either simply enjoy eating them or believe they’d benefit from the protein content to supplement their nutrition.

Vicky Hadley, who is lifestyle features writer for Healthista, says: ‘I like the veggan diet as I prefer healthier plant-based natural food. However I will eat organic free-range eggs to get an added boost of protein.’

Each large egg contains 6g of protein, which is 13% of the RDA for women (11% for an average man).

While dairy and meat – especially processed meat – have received their fair share of flack from health authorities, eggs have enjoyed positive press after their high cholesterol content was deemed not dangerous.

The British Heart Foundation says you can eat seven eggs a week as part of a balanced diet.

But Jimmy Pierce, spokesperson for The Vegan Society, says eating eggs is not vegan.

‘Buying eggs from any source reinforces the perception that eggs are desirable and should feature in our diets, which is not the case: eggs are not ours to take, hens can’t give their consent, and nutritionally we don’t need to eat them.’

Not-quite-veganism is rife and includes terms such as flexivegans (people who eat animal-free part-time), and pegans (who cross a paleo diet with veganism).

Vegganism is the latest in these trends.

Pleas for an attorney to help

From Helen and Steve Rayshick today:

Hi all,
We have received disturbing information from a confidential source that the Environmental Police, who should be policing the hunt and protecting the public, instead will be participating in the hunt by entering private property in surrounding towns and driving deer into the Reservation to be killed. Apparently there is a respect for private property in the area so no one posts their land. When asked, is that legal?, allegedly the Environmental Police officer answered something along the lines of “we’re the police; we can do what we want.” We were also told that hunters are being urged to kill every deer they can, which doesn’t sound like a “controlled hunt” to us. We have let the press know about this and hope that the press will investigate this abuse of governmental powers.
If anyone knows an attorney who could help with this or knows anyone who owns abutting property that may be used for this and might help, please let us know. (
For the animals,
Helen & Steve

Hi all,
The DCR has given us an extension to Wednesday October 7 for submitting comments against the plan to kill up to 480 deer in the Blue Hills Reservation this year and hundreds more in subsequent years. (They think that this will kill 80% of the deer in the reservation but their numbers are sketchy at best. If they kill that many deer, we and others believe they will collapse the deer population.) We should demand that they stop this massacre and push for contraceptives. You can find lots of info in the previous emails below. 
To give you some idea of how important it is to send in your comments and to get anyone else you know to send in their comments, please read this quote that was in yesterday’s Patriot Ledger article about the issue:
“Some residents questioned the purpose of the meetings, saying it appeared as though DCR would go forward with the plan regardless of opposition. Peter Church,  DCR’s director of forest stewardship, said the public feedback is important: ‘Based on the public comments we get, we’ll be assessing whether the hunting goes forward or it doesn’t,’ Church said.” (This is not poor reporting on the part of the Patriot Ledger; numerous people who were at the meeting in Quincy confirm that he said this.)
If you are pressed for time, simply submit a comment with your name and address and clearly state that you oppose deer hunting in the Blue Hills, now and forever, and that you recommend contraceptives. 
As Dane, a MARC member and Sunny Meadow volunteer, put it so well: “Your comment doesn’t have to be long, but the people responsible for this reckless atrocity need to know that not everyone is complicit in this massacre.  It’s time to stop choosing the most convenient option over the more ethical, less destructive one.  Human beings are the most intrusive species on Earth, but we can start to turn the tide, one action at a time.” 
We suggest that those of you who submitted comments already, especially if your comments were based on the erroneous information we had received initially that this would be a bow hunt this year,  send in new comments. We are afraid that they might disregard comments that are inaccurate, which would be very unfair, but it wouldn’t surprise us. We would just say that you are resubmitting it for technical reasons. We think it is also justified because DCR didn’t have a cohesive plan, didn’t give us enough time, wouldn’t let most of us speak at the meetings, and couldn’t answer most of our questions, and, therefore, we had to do tons of research that meant that our earlier comments were not complete due to DCR’s and DFW’s poor planning and arrogance.
Also, hats off to MARC member Cindy for speaking her mind and pushing contraceptives in that video in the newspaper article! And thanks to everyone who packed the room with deer supporters Wednesday. 
Lastly, they have pulled the poll; to our knowledge the deer won but we aren’t sure what the final tally was.
For the animals,
Helen & Steve
Sent Friday October 2:
Hi all,
Please vote NO to killing for the Blue Hills Deer in this poll ASAP:
The poll is on the Home page of the Patriot Ledger online version; scroll down to the right to find it.)
Please forward this to anyone, anywhere, who will help. (FB, Twitter, Blogs, Email lists, etc..)
We are leaving the entire thread one this issue below for new members and as a reference.
For the animals,
Helen & Steve
Sent Wednesday, September 30:
Quite a few folks have reported in about their notes and recollections about yesterday’s meeting in Milton. We are going to summarize the main points:
1. Overwhelmingly, people say that the meetings have been very biased on the part of the DCR and F&W. The DCR and F&W talk took up the vast majority of the time. Only 35 minutes per meeting is allotted for public comment. Generally, in MA the public is given HOURS to comment at meetings. Two women who support the hunt and are from Friends of The Blue Hills were part of the official presentation both times and were given the chance to talk at length. This resulted in DCR and DFW are allowing non-scientists to present data that is completely anecdotal. At both meetings, many people were unable to make comments due to this. We agree with everyone that the

 way to go now is to question the secret process, the extremely limited opportunity for public comment, and the rush to put this plan into effect before the public can organize to oppose it. People should state this and seek a delay.  We would really like DCR and DFW to defend their study methodology and sample size, and also to be very specific about how they investigated alternatives, especially contraceptives (on which there are organizations looking to partner with them), who worked on the plan, etc..  Not one of these officials has explained or justified why this killing has to be done SO fast (80% deer reduction in four years). These are all reasons for delay.
2. Focus on the agony and terror the deer will face being hunted down, running for their lives, being wounded and in horrific pain, etc. 
3. Be relentless about public safety. Be sure to mention that these bullets can travel over a mile. (Back up reference for this is below.) Last evening a very worried abbutter who had been in the Army  said a controlled hunt is impossible b/c the command hierarchy will break down and communication will be all but impossible. He is concerned, like many abbutters about their houses, cars and families being shot. The DCR themselves said in regard to the policing issue that each agency has different communication systems and that it IS hard to coordinate communications between them. Try to get names and contact info for those cops, hunters and abutters who are either opposed or very worried.
4. We have it on good authority that The Patriot Ledger, the highest circulated local newspaper on the South Shore, will be covering the hearing tomorrow night, so again we need to emphasize the importance of showing up. They were at the first meeting in Canton.
5. Keep stressing that killing the deer will not stop ticks/Lymes Disease. Please note that NO public health or medical agencies were included in the process and the only medical professional who spoke was against the hunt and challenged the whole Lymes Disease argument. (See below for details and facts about Lymes Disease.)
6. If you are not allowed to speak, please consider standing up at the meeting and saying that you were denied the chance to speak; make it clear that public comment is being extremely limited.
7. A few people brought up, given the public safety concerns, whether there may be some legal action that could be taken that may at least put any action off for some time so that alternative solutions could be explored more fully. We don’t know know of any but if anyone does, please let us know.
8. Feel free to visit the Facebook page of The Friends of Blue Hills who support this massacre. And the official DCR/F&W propaganda site is here:
9. We have it on good authority that The Patriot Ledger, the highest circulated local newspaper on the South Shore, will be covering the hearing tomorrow night, so again we need to emphasize the importance of showing up. They were at the first meeting in Canton.
Please send us feedback after the meeting.
For the animals,
Helen & Steve
This morning’s message:
Hi all,
We are still getting information in from the wonderful folks who attended last night’s meeting in Milton. We will send a report as soon as we can; it will be similar to the one we sent about the Canton meeting, below.
However, initial info suggests that there may be a growing awareness of the problems associated with this planned massacre of the poor, unsuspecting deer in the Blue Hill Reservation. One hunter, who, after establishing that he believed hunting could be a viable solution, argued that people on both sides of the aisle deserved more time to discuss the issue.  Surprisingly, the hunter advised the DCR to “wait until next year.” 
That would be a good thing to ask for in Quincy, which is where the last meeting will be held tomorrow evening. But to do that we desperately need folks to actually attend the Quincy meeting! 
So if you have not attended one of the meetings yet, we beg you to attend this last one and please send us your notes and impressions of the meeting’s events and tone. And if you would please let us know you are going that would be great. We will have the report on last evening’s meeting as soon as we get more info in from the people who attended. (So please send in your reports as soon as you can, Milton attendees.)
For new members, we are in the middle of trying to stop state officials from killing most of the deer currently living in what for 100 years has been a protected, nonhunting reservation for animals and people. For more info, please see below, starting from the bottom.
Again, please please please stand up for these innocent deer by going to the Quincy meeting. (See below for meeting location and time.)
Those of you who have done so already and will do so tomorrow are our heroes. But more importantly, you are the deer’s heroes!
If you have any questions, please email us anytime at: 
For the animals,
Helen & Steve
The meeting about the plan to kill the poor, unsuspecting deer who have made Blue Hills Reservation their safe home for decades last Wednesday was incredibly biased. Which is why we hope and pray many of you will attend the next one tomorrow in Milton. (See our original notice, below, for details on tomorrow’s meeting.)
There were tons of hunters in Canton but all but one of them didn’t have the courage to get up and speak and he just wanted to bowhunt .There may be fewer hunters from now on because our hunter contact told us they were really pushing the first one.
Department of Fish and Wildlife (DPW) and the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) have a real slick presentation which will take up a lot of time. But you will be allowed to speak.
Just to clarify, DCR manages the park and is the ultimate decision maker. DPW are the people who issue hunting and fishing licenses and their salaries are dependent on increasing hunting and fishing. DCR is almost as bad ideologically but they are at least not financially dependent on killing more animals. The two groups worked together on this plan and have in the past for horrible wildlife killing plans.
Numbered below are some things that were said by officials in Canton that we hope you will refute Tuesday.
1. Environmental Damage: Their biggest focus Tuesday was on the environmental damage that the deer have done in Blue Hills. So we think we should focus on contraception which they will say is expensive and takes too long to start working. DFW won’t pay for contraception and sterilization studies or trials.  They make money by selling hunting licenses and if they funded alternatives, the hunters would scream bloody murder and DFW would risk losing money. Dr. Allan T. Rutberg at Tufts Vet School is one of the world’s leading experts in immunocontraception; the state should be working with him to create a non-violent solution to the problem.
Here are three cases of positive use of contraceptives:
a. The town of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY has initiated the use of  immunocontraception with success to date.
b. The federal National Institute of Standards has successfully used PZP, an immunocontraceptive for years:
c.  Other contraceptives are being developed: “The most notable of these (contraceptives) is GonaConTM, which was developed by the USDA/APHIS National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins, Colo., and registered for use as a contraceptive on white-tailed deer by EPA in September 2009. GonaConTM is a vaccine that shuts down the reproductive processes of both males and females. It has been successfully tested on captive animals of many species, including deer, elk and pigs, and field testing on deer, wild horses, and other animals is proceeding”. HSUS website about immunocontraception.
But DFW always supports killing deer as the only option.
2. Public Safety: A State Police Official at the meeting said that the bullets used for hunting deer can only travel 500 yards and therefore they have set up a 500 yard set back to protect people outside the reservation. Our hunter said and continues to say that is wrong; that shotgun slugs can go a mile or more and this source confirms that:  It is from Penn State professor Todd Bacastow in a study funded by the PA Game Commission. It shows clearly that a shotgun slug can travel a mile. Dr. Bacastow is a professor of geospatial intelligence.
Even the Field & Stream Firearms Safety Handbook admits that they can travel 800 yards which is further than the 500 yard  set back DCR has set up:

3. Herd Health: State Senator Brian Joyce said Tuesday that killing the deer would “improve herd health”. The proposal involves killing 80% of the deer in 4 years, which is very unhealthy. Killing 80% of the deer could leave the remaining deer very vulnerable to ticks and other threats. (And that is based on their estimates of the number of deer in the reservation which is highly debatable).
DFW and DCR are risking deer population collapse in the area. DFW is claiming that the 2014 Environmental bond bill requires “lowering deer populations” and that moving deer is “illegal”, both of which are true. But they worked to get those laws passed, and it’s dishonest to now hide behind them as if they can’t do anything about it. They will also say that moving animals can be harmful to them; killing them is a lot more harmful.4. Lyme Disease: They are blaming the deer for Lyme’s Disease and acting as if killing the deer will get rid of Lyme Disease. There are no medical or public health agencies supporting this claim. People from the Friends of Blue Hills (a non-profit arguing for the hunt) are saying that people are “afraid to go the park” because of Lyme Disease, but DCR is saying thousands of people use the park daily.  The claim that people are afraid is anecdotal and exaggerated. (There is more info about this issue in our original notice, below.)5. Permanent Hunting: For this proposal to work, deer hunting would have to be permanent in the Blue Hills  because if they stopped killing, deer populations would rebound and other deer would move in.  Any claims to the contrary are misleading. They are instituting permanent deer hunting in a park 10 miles from Boston on deer who have been born on a so-called reservation.

6. Can we trust their studies and logic?: Only five years ago, DCR was testifying at legislative hearings that they needed moose hunting at the Quabbin Reservoir because moose were “out of control”; since then the moose population has collapsed nationwide. Obviously, they exaggerate.  They cannot know what will happen to the deer if they kill 80% of the herd based on their mistake with their moose predictions.

Please send us any feedback on the meeting you can.
For the animals,
Helen & Steve



[Below is our original message.]
Hi all,


We need to act now to save the deer in Blue Hills Reservation! 
Located only minutes from downtown Boston, the Blue Hills Reservation stretches over 7,000 acres from Quincy to Dedham, Milton to Randolph. The state calls it a green oasis in an urban environment. Hunting there has been prohibited for more than 100 years.
 But, horribly, now the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is holding hearings and taking public comments about whether or not to allow bow hunting to “cull the deer herd” (kill deer) in Blue Hills Reservation. 
Please attend one of the 3 public hearings listed below OR submit comments at the link listed below to express your opposition. The deadline for comments is October 2nd so please take action ASAP!
Here are some key talking points:
Deer are not a “pest”; they are magnificent and beloved animals who are native to the state and do not deserve to be killed off as a quick fix to human problems.
Hunting deer does not guarantee control of their populations. Scientific studies have shown that, after hunting occurs, remaining deer have increased food supplies which means the rate of twins and triplets being born increases significantly. This can lead to actual increases in population as a result of hunting.
Deer hunting does not control Lyme’s Disease. Neither the American Lyme’s Foundation nor any major medical association supports deer hunting as a method of Lyme’s Disease control. Hunting does not control ticks, who can be found on all species of mammals and at least 29 species of birds. If deer are killed, ticks will simply find other hosts.
Deer hunting does not decrease car accidents. Car insurance company studies have shown that deer-car accidents INCREASE during hunting season because hunters chase frightened deer into roadways and kill adult deer, leaving young deer alive and alone with no adult guidance about how to avoid and navigate roads.
The overwhelming majority of state residents do not hunt and enjoy nature through hiking, photography, and other non-lethal activities. We do not want to spend our recreation hours worrying about being shot with arrows or about seeing dead and dying animals.
Other non-lethal methods exist to help control deer populations and manage or avoid human-deer conflicts. Contraception works when there is deer overpopulation so there is no excuse for this massacre. The state should embrace non-lethal methods so that deer can continue to thrive and humans can continue to enjoy their grace and beauty. 
Please asap submit your public comment in opposition to this here:
Here is the hearing schedule:
  • Sept. 24 at Ponkapoag Golf Course, 2167 Washington St., Canton
  • Sept. 29 at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum, 1904 Canton Ave., Milton
  • Oct. 1 in the auditorium of the Lincoln-Hancock Elementary School, 300 Granite St., Quincy
Each meeting will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The meetings are held by the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation.
And please remember this wonderful quote: 


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke


For the animals,


Helen & Steve

WHAT: Vegan Leafleting @ the Boston Common.

WHEN: This coming Saturday August 15th, 2:00-4:00pm.

WHERE: Boston Common, meet in front of the Brewer’s Fountain near the  Park Street T stop.(See Directions, below.)

RSVP/INFO: or just answer this email or just show  up. (Event is weather permitting only. Check for postponement  email or call 978-257-7062 on morning of protest.) Leaflets and banner provided. 

WHY: For the pigs, chickens, cows, dairy calves, lambs, sheep, goats and water living creatures. Worldwide, 51 billion farmed animals are killed each year. The suffering this represents is staggering. Hidden away, animals are abused and neglected in factory and family farms throughout the U.S. Female pigs, egg laying hens, and veal calves are kept in cages and crates so small that they cannot turn around. Common practices include tail docking, beak cutting, castration, branding, and forced impregnation, all without anesthesia. Starvation for 7-14 days (forced molting) is routinely practiced on laying hens. Animals’ deaths are just as bad. They are dragged, terrified, to their deaths. They are often skinned while still alive. Chickens and other birds are killed without even the most lenient protections. Most “food animals” are killed at such young ages, that if they were dogs or cats, they would still be called puppies or kittens, and farmers would be called animal abusers.


You’re invited to a Sunny Meadow Sanctuary Work Day & Vegan Potluck tomorrow, Saturday July 25th from noon to 7:00, and we hope you can make it! 
If you can’t make it then, but can help some other day, just let us know that as well. We are happy to set up individual volunteering times.


Jobs include carpentry repairs, barn, pasture, and paddock cleanup/maintenance; animal care, etc.. There will be a great variety of jobs to do and many hands needed!

If you would like to come help out, that would be great. Just email us anytime at: and we will be happy to give you directions to our place. (Our farm is in Central Mass, about 1 1/2 hours from Boston; 25 minutes or so from Worcester.)This is a weather-related event so please either check your email or call us on our cell at 978-257-7062 on the morning of the event for possible cancellation due to inclement weather. It will also be a vegan potluck, so just let us if you are staying for the potluck and what you will be bringing.

Feel free to bring snacks to share as well. We will be eating at 5:45.Produce for the animals is also needed; we really need organic apples, organic carrots, and butternut squash but all veggies are essential to the animals well-being. 
No dogs please.
To make a vital donation for hay for the animals this winter via check rather than PayPal (PayPal takes a part of your donation), here is our PO Box address:


Sunny Meadow Sanctuary
P.O. Box 114
Holden, MA 01520-1279


WHAT: A public demonstration to support the EU’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics that went into effect recently. This is an historic step, and now we must push for it to happen in the US too!

WHEN: This coming Saturday, July 18th, 2:00-4:00pm.
WHERE: Boston Common, meet in front of the Brewer’s Fountain near the  Park Street T stop. (See Directions, below.) RSVP/INFO: or just answer this email or just show  up. (Event is weather permitting only. Check for postponement  email or call 978-257-7062 on morning of protest.) Leaflets, signs, and banner provided. 
WHY: Whenever we speak to the general public about animal testing, folks are amazed that it is still going on. Over 100 million animals at least are tortured every year in labs. Help us let the public know the awful truth about animal testing. Our signs and literature will expose the cruelty of the 3 main animal tests used on millions of animals each year: (1) the Eye Irritancy Test, which is also called the Draize Test, which forces chemicals into the eyes of fully conscious, restrained rabbits. No pain relievers or anesthetics of any kind are used. The extreme pain often causes them to struggle so severely that they break their own backs, dying in agony needlessly. (2) The Skin Irritancy Testing, which places corrosive chemicals onto the shaved/raw skin of rabbits and guinea pigs. The caustic nature of these substances causes severe injuries to the animals. Gaping wounds and bleeding are common. (3) The Oral Toxicity Testing, the LD50, which force-feeds strong chemicals to fully conscious animals for 14-28 days until they die.
Animal testing doesn’t make products safe. For example, according to animal tests, cigarette smoke, asbestos, arsenic, benzene, and glass fibers were all found to be safe to ingest. Many household products, all tested on animals, are unsafe for us and our environment. And inaccuracies in cancer-causing tests occur up to 70% of the time. Animal testing only provides a legal defense for companies whose products could still harm humans. Test results are used to win lawsuits, not protect people. Some of these tests are over 50 years old and have never been required to be scientifically validated.In February 2008, 3 agencies – the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Toxicology Program and the National Institutes of Health – signed a “Memorandum of understanding” to develop and implement new methods that could lead to the end of animal testing to evaluate the safety for humans of new chemicals and drugs. Source: change is the result of scientific findings that animal tests do not work to protect humans. In 2007, the National Research Council (a committee of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences) reported that the US government must develop new testing to assess the effects of chemicals on human health.

Their report, which was requested by the EPA, suggested the use of new technologies such as biomonitoring–analyzing chemical levels in blood, urine, breast milk and human tissue–and high-throughput assays. Other alternatives include in vitro testing and computer modeling techniques. We will identify the companies that still use animal testing (including Proctor and Gamble) and give contact info, and also identify the companies that do not animal test.

DIRECTIONS:From The Boston Common Parking Garage:We will be near the fountain and Park Street Subway Station near the corners of Park and Tremont Streets. Public transportation is best and cheapest but the entrance to the Boston Common Garage is on Charles St. directly across from the Public Gardens. There are also passenger elevators down to the garage from four pedestrian kiosks within the Common. Cost=$10 all day. When you exit the garage at ground level, find the tree lined sidewalks and walk on them with the hill on your left, then pass the bandstand area, and continue to the corner of Park and Tremont. Brewer’s Fountain is near that corner. You can always ask passersby where the Park Street T Stop or fountain are. Here’s a map of the T system: Common is the big green oblong in the middle and Park Street Station is in the upper right hand corner of that oblong. Here is a map of Boston:

From the T:

Exit the Green or Red Line at Park Street then walk towards the middle of the park. You will see us near the fountain and on the sidewalks going into the park.

Driving Directions to the Commons Parking Garage:

From the Mass Pike:Take Mass Pike Eastbound

Take the Copley Place/Prudential Exit

Stay right for Copley Place
You will exit the tunnel onto Stuart Street; go straight on Stuart and take left on Charles St. South which will turn into Charles St after the first traffic light. Garage entrance is on right. From the Southeast Expressway (I 93/RT. 3 North):Take exit 20 toward I-90, Airport & South Station
Take a left toward South Station
At the light, Turn LEFT (West) onto Kneeland St
Kneeland St becomes Stuart St
Turn RIGHT (North) onto Charles St, South; follow it to Charles St [1 block] From 93 South:Take exit 26 toward Storrow Drive-North Station
Follow Storrow Drive Heading Westbound
Take the Back Bay/Copley Square exit (be sure to stay in the left lane, since it’s a left lane exit)
Once off the exit, take a left at light
Take first right onto Arlington Street
Proceed through set of lights
At second light, take a left onto Boylston Street
Go straight through lights
At second light, take a left onto Charles Street
Take a right into Boston Common Garage (Below the Boston Common Park)From Storrow Drive Heading Eastbound:
Take the Downtown Boston exit (right lane exit)
Follow the direction above from westbound


Unfortunately, thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon here at the sanctuary so we are cancelling today’s tour. We have contacted everyone who signed up privately but want to be sure that we have reached everyone so we are sending this notice out.
The next tour is Sunday July 5th and we will be putting out the full July/early August Tour Schedule this week.
We have met so many wonderful folks at the tours so far and look forward to seeing you at one in the future!
For the animals,
Helen & Steve

Vegan Chocolate Cake


1 ½ cups flour
1/3 cup unsweetened 100% cocoa powder
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
1 cup cold water
5 tablespoons canola oil
1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract
1 tablespoon cider vinegar or white vinegar
½ cup dark chocolate chips or chunks, dusted with 1 teaspoon flour (optional)
Powdered sugar for dusting or frosting (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9-inch round cake pan.

In a bowl, mix together flour, cocoa, sugar, baking soda and salt. Sift. In a separate bowl, whisk together the water, oil, vanilla and vinegar.

Whisk together wet and dry mixtures. If lumpy, whisk until smooth, or pour through a strainer into a bowl and break up lumps, pressing them through.

Mix again, stir in chips if you are using them, and pour into prepared pan. Tap edge of pan against the counter, or drop from 6 inches to the floor several times to pop air bubbles. Bake in preheated oven 25 to 30 minutes, or until top springs back when pressed gently. Cool before removing from pan. Dust with powdered sugar, or frost, if desired.