VEGAN ARTIST: Acrylic, Oil, Poetry, Videos, Books

AbodeJane Chakravarthy. From the artist statement on her site:

“There is no art without living, for being without the microscope of the mind, the understanding from the heart, and the embrace of the fire from the soul, for me, there is no life, only an existence.”

Jane lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Sudi. Sudi is the force behind the vegan performance shakes called PoshaGreen ( Jane’s work is showcased on her site: Visit Jane on Facebook at: jane.chakravarthy.

Vegan artist: water, oil, DIGITAL, drawing, photoGRAPHYpumpkin-and-gourds-john-small

John Small. John is an artist, singer-songwriter and editor at the three magazines he owns with his husband, Paul Carr. He is co-founder of Vegan Villager™. His work in the visual arts runs the gamut from watercolor, to oil, to digital, to line drawings, to photography. He is currently a student at the Ani Art Academy Waichulis School of Realism and in the Studio Art program at Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts. He has a particular interest in New England scenes.

John is a native of Old Mystic, CT and lives with Paul and their three dogs, Jack, Noah and Tucker in Sturbridge, MA. His work is sold through Fine Art America and can be seen at his artist website:


Sarah Jeppson Zitter's GNOME LOGO

Sarah Jeppson Zitter. Sarah is a visual artist with a particularly affinity for gnomes, who, with her partner Sherry Jeppson Zitter, has created a series of comics, graphic novels and other works about their lives. You will find these delightful treasures and other entertaining and helpful items on their website: The Jeppson Zitters live and work in Massachusetts. Shelly is a therapist, who also writes music.

The couple are local activists in the animal protection movement and vegan community.

Sarah Jeppson Zitter can be reached at