I am writing to tell you that we are moving all of our resources at Vegan Villager to our website effective immediately and that there will be no further print issues of the magazine or a newsletter.

Our first (preview) issue of the magazine was printed and distributed last spring and we are now entering the fall with a much clearer understanding of the New England vegan business climate for a freely-distributed print vehicle that relies on targeted advertising (and distribution). First, I must say that we were overwhelmed by the response we have received by vegan individuals and families around New England. We have met many new friends in all corners of this region and will continue to touch them, back and forth, through the website.

We are deeply grateful to advertisers and business supporters — there are many — but not enough. So before we lose more resources on this we must recognize the lack of sufficient depth for sustained growth for a print venture in this niche. We had been urged by some to “go vegetarian” in our editorial profile but that is not who we are or who we will be. We were surprised by the unexpected complications with distribution, which also helped us gain more clarity on the segment with which we were seeking to do business. I have been in the marketing and publishing business for nearly 30 years and can read situations quickly. This was not going to work.

We will serve vegan New England and our advertisers much more effectively through an enhanced editorial effort with the website. One criticism from localized businesses was that they did not want to place an ad (or allow distribution of a magazine) with distribution two states away. For some reason we were never able to get the point across that vegans travel throughout New England and we all like to know where to go while doing so. In the absence of being able to drive home that point, you’re looking at the perfect answer to that concern: The Vegan Villager Website.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

With warm regards,

Paul Carr, Publisher