Pleas for an attorney to help

From Helen and Steve Rayshick today:

Hi all,
We have received disturbing information from a confidential source that the Environmental Police, who should be policing the hunt and protecting the public, instead will be participating in the hunt by entering private property in surrounding towns and driving deer into the Reservation to be killed. Apparently there is a respect for private property in the area so no one posts their land. When asked, is that legal?, allegedly the Environmental Police officer answered something along the lines of “we’re the police; we can do what we want.” We were also told that hunters are being urged to kill every deer they can, which doesn’t sound like a “controlled hunt” to us. We have let the press know about this and hope that the press will investigate this abuse of governmental powers.
If anyone knows an attorney who could help with this or knows anyone who owns abutting property that may be used for this and might help, please let us know. (
For the animals,
Helen & Steve



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